Pansexual Visibility Day

Today is apparently Pansexual Visibility Day. In case you don’t know me well, this includes me! If you want to learn more about me and my relationship you can head over to here.

According to the Oxford Dictionary the definition of pansexual is: Not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.

I think it’s important that everybody is able to find representation that matches them in media. People still use pansexuality as a joke because it is not very understood by people outside of the LGBT community.

There is still a lot of debate about pansexual vs bisexual and if they are the same or if one is more valid than the other. Let’s make this very clear. Bashing one sexuality over the other is not acceptable on this blog. Both sexualities are equally valid. I think that the difference between the two is a very specific way of thinking.

Lukas, May 2020

Bisexuality allows a person to say I like these specific genders and I’m like these body parts that go with those genders, which may or may not be all genders. On the other hand, pansexuality says *shrugs* parts are parts and genders are genders, love them all.

My life as pansexual

I came out as bisexual originally in 2001. As I grew into my identity, I eventually started calling myself pansexual, probably by around 2008. The most difficult time I had with my sexuality was when I was in the military.

I was in the military during Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. People tried to say that the policy was in place to protect the LGBT community, but it really didn’t do anything to help. Instead of being actively discriminated against, they would find other reasons to get you in trouble. The stress of being constantly under a microscope for everything I did caused massive anxiety and was the reason I eventually got discharged.

Over the years I have come to love being pansexual. It has allowed me to feel love in so many different ways, learn and grow through different bonds, and feel compassion for other people’s journeys.

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