Saturday Slate, Week 1

Welcome to my first Saturday Slate! My computer was out of commission for a week or so and then the internet started getting really spotty at the same time my network card failed, so I’ve been out of touch with everybody for a few weeks.

Blog updates

Sorry it’s been so long since there has been an update. Have a little bit of housekeeping to do. I’m committing to releasing a blog post every Wednesday and Saturday. Saturday Slate will always be this little bits of random information and updates. I may periodically do a third post in a week based off of current events.

Keep Safe

Between the protests, COVID, and everything else going on right now, the world is full of uncertainty. Please exercise caution when you go out. Wear your mask, wash your hands frequently. Make sure somebody knows where you’re going if you go out alone and when to expect you back. Drink water and take your meds.


Things are continuing over on ShotCall. This weekend started some free sessions to play games with me. My plan is to eventually make these paid sessions that donate to charity. You can also still book in stream coaching sessions with me.

Owly Update

Got to talk with a deaf friend via Facebook video for nearly 5 hours (it was so good to use my ASL again) and spoke with Lukas on Discord nearly everyday. It is nice to have some bit of face to face socializing.

I’m still staying busy with doing art commissions and some personal art for myself. Not much, but every bit goes towards planned trip to see Lukas (assuming that the government says it’s OK to travel) on his birthday.

Hoping to get around sorting through my ArtStation soon to sort through older works and update it for more professional looking. Someone told me it’s better if I post only complete works on it and use DeviantArt for art commissions display.

[Lukas note: you can order your own commission here]


I’m so excited that I have big updates about my savings goals! As of yesterday, my credit score hit 623. When I looked into my history, last July I was at 507! What a big difference in a year!

A note about my credit card debt. I opened up a new account and bought a couple of presents on it, so my credit limit went up, but so did my credit card debt, so it went up and then back down again.

$5000 $6000 – moving expenses (19.22% 26.03% funded)
$15,000 – emergency savings (0.0% funded)
Pay down credit cards ($1779 $1737)
Get credit score above 650 (623)
Increase available credit by $10,000 ($2700)
Start investing for retirement

Closing Thoughts

Thank you for all your support. I look forward to making Saturday Slate a weekly post! I’ve got lots of projects and blog posts in the works.

Sweet Worms and Magical Dreams ~Lukas

Love you guys!